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Good Day!

I'm not big on listing credentials, because many use them as a measurement to judge a person, rather than if what they say has truth or holds merits.  I'll just say this, I am a former elder in a church and take God's word seriously.  I'v been married for a decade plus and have three beautiful baptized kids.

I'm very religious, not so much spiritual.  What else can I say about my self .... OH ... I am one of the few 'Intuitu Fidei' Lutherans that you will find! Yes, Iv studied the current majority Lutheran position, and I agree with the scholasitc period and the signers and the authors of the Formula of Concord.

Favorite Theologians:

  • Phillip Melanchthon - (Chief Writer of Augsburg Confession)
  • Johann Gerhard - (Common Places .. and Intuite Fide)
  • Jakob Andrea - (Chief Author of Formula of Concord)