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Observations on the American Political Climate


I have never gotten involved in politics except for my own voting preferences. But this year is different, at least in my making some comments about what is happening nationally. Our country is in total confusion and grabbing at straws, primarily because we have lost our central anchor point in our Judeo-Christian foundation. America has been the so called world leader, but we are now in a position where we don't even know how to lead ourselves. I know these are statements of an "old man" whose values are grounded in another era. I thank God for that, even though that other era was no utopia either. At least it didn’t have me submersed in an electronic screen, and it allowed me to use my imagination, look out at the world asking questions, and develop real relationship with people who became a part of me.


What does Make America Great Again mean? I wrote above that we have lost our central anchor point in our Judeo-Christian foundation. That doesn’t mean that we are not to allow other faiths to worship as they wish, but we have taken the whole aspect of inclusion to change the very foundation of our souls.


I can’t continue what I’m seeking to share by using veiled references to a candidate. I am totally opposed to Mr. Trump for President. But that doesn't mean I'm recommending another candidate. That's my own personal voting preference. Rather, I look at what is happening around our country in those promoting their favorite candidate.


Many have pointed out that President Trump appointed the conservative Supreme Court Justices who were the balance in overturning the legalization of abortion. For many the opposition to abortion has become a central determining issue. I’m opposed to abortion also, but there is far more to it than that. Abortion, presented as a women’s right over her own body, is only the end point of many other moral choices we’ve allowed to become normal and assumed values in today’s world. Consider the devaluation of marriage and family; an economy that requires the employment of both spouses in order to have the lifestyle they want; thus pushing off child bearing to a later age when it is more difficult or not at all; removing sexual intercourse from the bond of a covenant marriage and making it an assumed part of a longer term dating relationship; along with the easy availability of contraceptives and abortifacient drugs. The affects of all of these and more are seen throughout western society.


Mr. Trump is hardly an exemplary leader in areas of sex, marriage, and family. And while that is not a political leaders primary function, if they have not sought to govern their own life in these fundamental areas I am not going to look to them as a good national leader. Making America great is meaningless without a solid and consistent moral base.


An LA Times article questioned whether humans can survive democracy. A better question is whether democracy can survive fallen humanity. ..... “A democracy can only be sustained if informed citizens operate within a moral framework. This, in turn, requires an understanding of the world as it actually is, especially what it means to be human. Elected representatives who can’t distinguish good from evil, or “man” from “woman” can hardly be expected to enact policies that allow men and women to seek the good.”


There is much more to say about our need for good leadership, but one must not look only at narrow issues that seem to satisfy surface policies and only give the appearance security, prosperity, and a good life. 



(Words we can trust: Jeremiah 18:1-6; 29:11; 31:3,

         & above all Romans 8:38-39)

Irvin F. Stapf, Jr.

Pastor Emeritus

Christ Lutheran Church, TAALC

Germantown, Md. 


cell: 240-285-4472